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JJ <3 [userpic]

Terribly long catch-up entry

July 6th, 2007 (05:17 pm)
current location: On my new laptop (wooo!)

I was just perusing (sp?) my friends page when I realized how terribly long it has been since my last post. Way way way too long. Several amazing things have happened since March, so let me try to debrief you.

a) GRADUATION. Obviously a biggie in the whole life timeline thing, but really not all that dramatic in real life. Sure, it's a big step, but I believe college will be the big step in the grand scheme of things. Really all graduation was was a goodbye to normalcy. Goodbye to everything that I consider my daily routine and a hello to a new start. New friends, new ideas, new findings. Anyways, it was rather sad but at the same time sort of overrated.

b) COLLEGE ORIENTATION. Or, rather, disorientation. I am more terrified and confused than ever about good ole Chapel Hill, but in an exhilerating way. During orientation I realized how far away from home UNC really is. I mean, physically it's only about 2.5 hours, but mentally it is hours and hours. It is like nothing I've ever been through before. The people, the places, the ideas...they are all new to me. In the midst of schedule stress and running around the campus, I managed to meet a few really amazing friends. Kristin (my roommate), Annie, Xochitl, and I (now referred to as Team Locopops) found each other by chance, really. Kristin and Annie knew of each other because they run in the same circles, Xochitl met Annie in small groups, and I knew Kristin from facebook. We met up one evening before an "After Dark Social!" and found a common dislike of cheesy gettoknowya gatherings. We decided to go, instead, to Franklin St. to find out what all UNC had to offer. We ended up just wandering up and down the main strip talking about our home lives and high school and all of that, and we are all incredibly alike. Anyways, that was comforting in the midst of college prep craziness. I also met two guys in my small group, Daniel and Aaron, who impressed me quite a bit. Perhaps my curse of singleness ends sooner than expected? Also, I spoke with the band director and decided to become a Marching Tarheel. Woot woot. Now, I feel more prepared to start the year, especially with a few good friends by my side.

c) WONDERFUL SUMMER TRIPS. So far this summer I really haven't slowed down. I went to the beach with my family, then a concert with a friend, then orientation, then Washington DC with my youth group. Washington was by far the most fun/life-changing. I don't really feel like going into details currently, but it was alllllmost as good as Canada. Almost.

Man, I'm sick of typing. Sorry this was so long.


Posted by: leonydas (leonydas)
Posted at: July 8th, 2007 06:27 am (UTC)

its good to see you're still among the living! keep updating, i'd love to hear all about your new forays into college life!

Posted by: ((Anonymous))
Posted at: October 5th, 2007 10:08 am (UTC)


Your home page its great

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