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August 25th, 2007 (10:53 am)

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Well, I figured since I hadn't written in a long time, I would post a "OMG IM SO AT COLLEGE!" entry, even though I could never, ever give a title like that to a legitimate blog entry. But, alas, I am truly at college and it is pretty great so far. I like lists so here goes.

Band- I moved in the 15th for band, 4 days ahead of most of the student population, which gave me a lovely little advantage to getting to know campus. I got settled in my (AMAZING!) dorm, but not really settled because it took me three days to unpack everything. Band camp was tough but amazing, because they really have fun. Not like high school band bus fun, but like college band dancing in the stands getting the crowd pumped fun. Plus the music is quite wonderful (Ben Folds, Rolling Stones, Hendrix, Cream, Fall Out Boy, etc). The people got on my nerves a little at first because I couldn't find one person I really clicked with, until one day Ashley and I sat next to each other. More on that later, though. So now we are into marching and we have only one week til our first home game! Ahhh! I get to be the verrry end of the A in CarolinA so I'm right next to the crowd. It is lovely.

Friends- Like I said, I didn't click with anyone immediately but soon enough I found Ashley, who is pretty amazing I must say. She's from Florida/New Jersey, speaks fluent spanish (though she is way paler than me), plays flute, and has these personality traits that aren't exactly like mine but somehow click with mine. We have hung out a LOT over the past week, which is nice on a campus where it seems everyone has a group to hang out with at all times. Plus I have hung out with David, who I knew from high school/middle school/elem. school/preschool. So, slowly I am finding my niche with people. Plus there is Kristin (my roommate), Annie, and Xochitl, from orientation. I haven't hung out with them too often yet, but we have a whole year so we'll get around to it. Among the most saddening parts of my college life thusfar- I haven't met any boys. Haha I'm so thirteen right now. But really, most of my friends at home are guys, and I hang out with David here, but I don't have any new guy friends yet and that freaks me out. There is a semi-attractive sax player, a decent English major on my hall, and a very attractive trumpet player with whom I have never even spoken. Hmmm boys.

Classes- So far, so okay on the classes deal. Stats is...ugh. My prof has a strong Korean accent so it's difficult to understand him a lot of times, but I think I actually get it so far. Astronomy is...interesting. I get it so far but the prof moves from one thing to another really quickly so that's the only forseeable issue. Spanish is rather awesome, because the teacher speaks slowly, but in spanish all the time so I hear it in my head now, as I'm thinking, and I think that will lead to more success en Espanol. Plus the class is tiny, so we converse and discuss and I know almost everyone in there already by the second day. And me clase favorita- my First Year Seminar with Computers and English. My profesor is amazing, just really laid back and very tech-saavy while having a distict English major feel. So far our assignments have been to blog and make an iGoogle account, but later we have assignments to make a playlist based on a book, a Podcast, a video, an annotation to a book, and graphics collages. Awesome! This class is what I want to do for the rest of my life, I'm just not sure how to apply it to any one career. But we shall see.

And now, I am off to my grandparents for the weekend to get away from my dorm a bit. More to come as college adventures unfurl!


Posted by: Colby (ser8ed)
Posted at: August 25th, 2007 05:01 pm (UTC)
Woot for the college

I hope you enjoy the next four years as much as I enjoyed mine. There is just so much to do and so many people to hang with.

Luck, even though I don't think you'll need it


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