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JJ <3 [userpic]

February 19th, 2007 (10:33 pm)

Today, or rather, tonight, was so amazing. And I mean it's not like anything really super happened like I won the lottery or am going to Europe or whatnot, it was just great in and of itself. I've realized how easy it is to make friends if you just put yourself out there and not be scared. I mean, I guess I'm a likeable person, so why not show it?

A special thanks to the following for assisting me in recovering myself:
-Parking lot raves
-Phil, Chad, Daniel, JBob, Robert, Adam, Hailey, her adorable sister
-Hardcore dancing
-Pointing to invisible things on the sidewalk
-Robert's crazy solo
-Imogen Heap, Fatboy Slim, TI, Fergie, Gnarls

I'm sure I left something out but I feel so good at the moment. Life can be so good sometimes.